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Incorporating Social Media into Your Marketing

Incorporating Social Media into Your Marketing

In the last decade, social media has become a one-stop-shop for nearly 4 billion social media users seeking inspiration, entertainment, and news. It has also become one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools for businesses of all kinds. By combining its accessibility (with more social networks being added every year) with real-time responsiveness, you can create vivid, approachable online personas for prospective and current customers to interact with.

Some of the ways businesses can leverage social media for their purposes include:

• New client acquisition. A social media presence can tell prospective customers what you have to offer and remind current clients why they stay – which can also lead to referrals and valuable word-of-mouth messaging.

• Brand awareness. Define how you wish to be known and present that brand on social media. The one-stop-shop for health supplements? 24-hour emergency repairs? Expert interior design? Own it.

• Increased traffic. Always include your website link on social media profiles. When prospective clients follow you from Facebook to your URL, that not only increases traffic but triggers website retargeting for even more impressions.

• Shelf life. Your content is always out there for social media users to find and consume on their schedule. A two-year-old video might be the deciding factor for a new customer!

• Engagement. Personalized and informative content will generate engagement which can help build relationships. Social media will also keep you top-of-mind with clients between appointments or service.

• Affordability. While there can be paid components of social media – Facebook ads, subscription services and fees – consistent posts and content can create organic visibility for little to no cost.

Which Platform Should You Use?

Social media is constantly evolving, with new platforms, features, and algorithms regularly being introduced, tweaked or eliminated. Choose the ones that have staying power – and it doesn’t hurt to check out where your competition is posting. Several platforms allow you to post automatically on others which broadens your reach and saves time. Here are the most effective social media tools for business marketing:


Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, with almost 3 billion active users each month. Additionally, it offers flexibility of posted media from business updates to live events to video content, and more. Facebook paid ads are an affordable way to target specific demographics and markets for your company.


As part of the Meta universe, Instagram easily links to Facebook but may reach a whole different audience. Beginning primarily as a platform for sharing photos, Instagram is now a great source of video and live content as well. Hashtags are a big part of content searches to capitalize upon.


Not only is your audience on YouTube (often for hours at a time), but it’s also the internet’s second-largest search engine. Business leaders who are comfortable on camera can create a YouTube channel to elevate engagement with viewers. Video can also be embedded in websites and other platforms.

X – formerly known as Twitter

As a platform, X is ideal for sharing bite-sized information, customer service, and #hashtag memes for marketing.


The professional networking site of LinkedIn is a great place to connect with peers, new customers, and even potential employees. Posting blogs on LinkedIn can increase your SEO reach.

Depending on the type of business, you can also think outside the box by incorporating TikTok, Pinterest, and other less mainstream social media platforms.

What Content Should You Share?

Social media content is limited only by your imagination. Educate your clientele with infographics or videos. Use humorous posts to personalize your business and make it feel relatable. Satisfied customer testimonials are very valuable tools for marketing.

Be sure to post important information about your company, including video tours, business hours, team news, sales, and special events. Encourage employees and team members to share as well, tagging your business in their personal accounts.

Social media marketing should be as painless as possible and ideally – fun! RAMP can help suggest the best platforms based on your unique business and offerings, as well as create the perfect ads for a dedicated budget. Contact us today and get started.


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