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Creating the Perfect Postcard

Stand Out With the Perfect Postcard

With so much of today’s mail being redirected to digital inboxes, did you know that an appealing, well-designed marketing postcard has an even better chance of reaching your target audience? Recent data shows that people receive an average of one piece of physical mail for every 36 emails and the estimated lifespan of direct mail is 17 days versus only 17 seconds for an email.

Smart business owners understand the value of a good direct mail campaign to garner the attention of potential new customers – and stay top of mind with their existing ones. But how do you make your marketing piece stand out from the pack and avoid the recycling bin? Let’s take a look at nine key factors of the perfect postcard.

Size Matters

Naturally, postcards come in all sizes but in order to avoid getting lost in the shuffle and have room for your valuable content, size matters. The standard postcard size of 4”x6” is great for brief reminders or notifications, however a marketing piece should be larger. RAMP offers various direct mail size options, the most effective being 8.5”x11” or 6”x11”, double-sided, full-color mailers.


Because your recipients are glancing at their mail, it’s vital to capture their attention with a bold headline. It should get to the point of the postcard, and it should speak to potential clients by appealing to their needs and desires. Include touchpoint words for your particular industry like healthy, delicious, technology, licensed, or experienced. Here are a few examples:

Your Health Starts Here

Authentic Cuisine in Your Neighborhood

Feel Good About Your Car Care


The best image for your postcard will vary depending on your offerings, region, and target audience. Create a good balance with imagery and copy and don’t forget to leave some white space so the viewer isn’t overwhelmed with content.

Color is key. A pop of color for important information can be useful to grab recipients’ attention.



Don’t forget your logo and any signature branding you may have, like a tagline or color scheme. It shouldn’t dominate the card but be easy to find and identify.

Selling Points

Don’t just tell your audience to call and make an appointment or buy what you’re selling, but why they should choose your business. Do you offer something they need? Specialize in an exclusive product or service? Offer special financing?

Break it Up

Keep it simple and break up content with subheadings or defined blocks of text. It’s easier on the eyes and will avoid the postcard getting tossed.

The Offer

People will always love a good offer so be sure to include one or more on your postcard. Your deal should jump out, whether on the front or back and coupons are always effective attention-getters. It can be as simple as FREE Consultation or as specific as 20% Off Installation. Create urgency by including expiration dates or “for a limited time only.”

Call to Action

All good marketing requires calling your potential clients to take action. You have what they want, and they just need to buy it. Preferably as soon as possible. Common calls to action include call now, order online, or schedule your appointment.

Contact Info

Obvious but vital! Make sure your contact information is easy to find and accurate, including phone number, website, email and physical addresses.

Not all direct mail or postcards are the same. At RAMP Marketing for Business, we utilize the best data to reach your target demographic in the most cost-effective way possible and provide superior graphic design to make your marketing stand out from the rest.

Give us a call today for a free consultation.


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