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There are a lot of acronyms in today’s marketing world, with SEO being one of the most common terms. In reality, Search Engine Optimization is quickly being surpassed by more effective and successful digital advertising techniques. SEO is expensive and unreliable and as Google changes their algorithms, the most you can hope for is to get to the top of the bottom of the search results page.

RAMP has a full spectrum of cutting-edge tools to help design and customize your internet marketing strategy. As experts in the advertising field, our team provides guidance on determining the right media for the right audience, as well as monthly reports with measurable results.

Email IP
    Geofencing is a form of hyper-targeted, location-based marketing technology. ​ An easy way to think of geofencing is placing an invisible, electronic fence around a specific location. When an activated mobile device crosses the threshold of this electronic perimeter, the geofence captures the device’s IP address and triggers an automatic 30-day ad display. The potential customer doesn’t need to take any action before seeing your ad! ​ Locations you can geofence are limited only by your imagination. Businesses can target country clubs, car dealerships, beauty salons, popular restaurants, retirement communities, and so much more, capturing all new visitors within the geofence and sending them display ads for 30 days.
    Website retargeting is the most important step in a digital marketing plan and should come first, without question. ​ When a potential client visits your website on their computer or mobile device, website retargeting attaches a “cookie” (a small piece of data) to their web browser. This cookie will then trigger targeted ads to follow your potential clients as they navigate the internet for the next 30 days. When they click on the ad, they are redirected to your website. And the cycle continues! ​ Website retargeting allows your business to stay top-of-mind with your prospective clients long after they’ve left your website, increasing their awareness or your business and increasing conversions. ​
    Keyword retargeting is a form of retargeting that targets an audience based on their previous search history. How does it work? Say a mom searches for “best toy store in Oakland.” If your keywords match their search terms, even if they never visit your website during that initial search, they will be shown your display ads for the next 30 days regardless. ​ Just like website retargeting, if they click on the ad, they will be sent directly to your website. And if you have website retargeting enabled, the prospective client is then followed with additional display ads from that campaign for 30 days. Doubly effective!
    Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a more traditional internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites. It is generally text only, and often shows up at the top or bottom search result pages with the tag “Ad” attached. ​ Clicks determine the fees rather than impressions, so if a potential client doesn’t click, you don’t get charged. But if your ad isn’t specific enough, you will get non-interested parties clicking and wasting your budget. ​ We encourage PPC as part of an overall digital marketing campaign. It can be a fantastic way to appear at the top of a search result page while your potential clients are actively searching. For example, “fine dining restaurants near me” and “bowling alley near me.” But it should be combined with website retargeting to take full advantage of the visits to your website.
    These display ads are activated when an email address leads to an IP address of a computer, tablet, or smartphone associated with it. The display ads will then follow that IP address for 30 days. ​ Reactivate your clients with an email list of clients who have not been to the business in a while, you can reactivate them using email IP display ads. Target potential clients with a percentage off visit, encouraging them to call you or visit your website to learn more (and triggering your website retargeting campaign). You can also purchase of list of email addresses based on specific geographic and demographic parameters.
    Digital preroll is a powerful visual tool that reaches your target audience by displaying an ad before the start of a selected video. If you’ve watched videos online, chances are you’ve seen Preroll advertisement. Typically, they are between 15 and 30 seconds long and have features that make them particularly cost-effective. ​
    This method can be very useful when you know a specific website – which incorporates display advertising – that your potential client often visits. The idea is to get your display ads to appear on their favorite online hangouts. ​ Some examples are CNN and Fox News websites, which are visited by people several times a day. Although they are national sites, you can limit the geography so that only your target customer can see them. A more targeted approach is to select websites that fit a specific specialty, such as
    Addressable Over the Top Television (OTT) is brand new technology! It gives you the ability to show TV commercial to different households while they are streaming content. With the help of addressable advertising, businesses can move beyond expensive traditional TV ad buys to focus on relevance and impact. ​ A growing percentage of the country is streaming their favorite shows online rather than through “older” traditional methods. OTT allows you to target specific household addresses or neighborhoods and show them a TV commercial for a fraction of the cost of cable or broadcast tv.
    When it comes to online search engine ranking, the value of excellent web content is what will set your website apart from the competition. RAMP’s massive library of relevant dental copy has been proven, perfected and tested in real markets and on real dental consumers for over 17+ years. Let RAMP populated your website with the best content available to boost SEO rankings and gain traffic and leads.


Bring the power of imagery to your advertising plan through television. RAMP looks at your broadcast options, including regional cable, local network affiliates, and Over-The-Top Television (OTT), and produces a custom commercial that’s fast, economical, and effective. Our team handles every aspect from script to filming to post-production.

Here are a few samples of RAMP’s television commercial:

Diagonal Lines


Research has shown that audio messages can break through the mind’s clutter and plant an emotional seed that inspires action, which is how radio advertising can directly connect to your target audience. Creative content and consistent messaging will achieve top-of-mind awareness for your brand when you utilize RAMP’s expertise and buying power.

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Not all direct mail is created equal. By utilizing data such as Experian, RAMP can reach households that most accurately fit your target demographic in the most cost-effective way possible. Professional design and printing commands attention in the mailbox and comes at a fraction of the cost of similar direct mail programs.

Direct mail samples
sparaga direct mail sample


Outdoor advertising, including billboards and transit, can be designed to catch a viewer’s attention in an instant with an impression that lasts long after they’ve driven by. RAMP’s team will find the best placement for your signage and create a concise, memorable message that is difficult to ignore.

Dental Associate of Delaware billboard sample
Business Supplies Design


No matter which media you choose, brand identity and consistent messaging are paramount. Branding helps to create awareness and a memorable image of your business. From a simple logo design to brochures and business cards, or taglines and jingles, the RAMP creative team will provide insightful solutions that will bring your brand – and business – to the next level.

MyoMatters Logo
Westmoreland Family Dentistry logo


Print advertising provides the opportunity to reach your target audience with visually attractive printed media, including magazine, newspapers or free-standing inserts. Your RAMP creative team will analyze what will work best for your business and develop a creative message that best represents your brand. We’ll also negotiate and manage the media buy with the right publications.

capponi print ad sample
Dental Associate of Delaware print ad sample
imm print ad sample


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